About Dr. Bridget Brasfield

Dr. Bridget Brasfield is owner and yoga instructor at Yoga Central. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training and established Yoga Central in 2007. As a chiropractor, Dr. Brasfield has seen the therapeutic benefits of yoga. She was searching for a complete system that would merge the traditional essence of yoga with chiropractic, sport’s medicine, and stress reduction.
Dr. Brasfield teaches therapeutic yoga, power vinyasa, and HOT yoga. HOT Yoga is her personal favorite. She strives to be an inspirational and creative leader who guides students toward awareness and control of their own bodies and minds. As a yoga teacher, her goal is to enable people a euphoric release within a complete physical fitness workout.

About Judith

Judith first began her practice of yoga in 2005 as a means of stress reduction. She immediately recognized the many benefits yoga has to offer and became hooked. Hot Yoga had always been of interest to Judith, so when Hot Yoga Edwardsville opened in April 2011 she couldn’t wait to try it out.  She knew she had found her passion. Judith received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification through Yoga Central and Hot Yoga.  She is trained in all types of Yoga and breathing techniques, but her main focus is the practice of hot yoga.